Laser technology has emerged as a breakthrough medical tool that minimizes the negative effects of surgical procedures and expedites cell repair in injured patients.

The main benefits of laser surgery are:

• Reduced bleeding
• Reduced pain
• Reduced swelling
• Faster recovery!

CO2 lasers are ideal surgical tools because of the nature of the incisions they form. The laser seals nerve endings as they are cut, significantly reducing pain following the operation. Blood vessels within the soft tissue are similarly sealed, instantly stopping blood loss, which effectively eliminates trauma to the patient and provides the surgeon with an uninhibited view during the operation.

At Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic, we offer laser surgery for such common procedures as:

• Neuters
• Mass removals

Our surgeons will discuss with you the benefits of laser surgery for your pet and will answer any questions you may have.

Surgical Services: Our modern surgical suite allows us to perform an extensive variety of surgical procedures.

Surgical Consults: A board certified veterinary surgeon is available to perform surgery in our clinic or if needed we can refer you to other specialists in the Portland area.

LGVC is proud to have top quality surgical equipment, such as laser surgery to keep your pet safe and as comfortable as possible during surgery. This tool is a great benefit for the veterinarian and your animal.

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