Boarding and Doggie Day Care

At Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic, we recognize the need for our clients to have a safe and dependable place for their pets to stay at times. We have an extensive boarding facility staffed by experienced animal care assistants who value the opportunity to make your pet’s stay a positive experience. Whether your pet’s stay with us is one night, two weeks, or just during the day for our popular day care program, we are here when you need us!

Current vaccinations are required.

Our Facilities:

Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic in Lake Oswego, OR offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities for both dogs and cats. We have a separate heated/air conditioned area for dogs and cats providing a more comfortable environment for them. Dogs receive newly renovated, large runs, while cats stay in our luxury cat hotels. The cat hotels are complete with a separate but accessible area for food, water and litter box.
Dogs are exercised in a large, outdoor-enclosed area 4 times a day and our cats enjoy a multi-level playroom.
Bedding, toys, and food are provided for both dogs and cats, however, we encourage you to bring in your own so your pet feels more at home during his/her stay.


TLC Packages are available upon request to provide extra time for your pet with our staff during his/her stay. Routine or medicated baths and nail trims prior to pickup are also available by request. If your pet is on medication it will be given by a veterinary technician while here.

Should you have more than one pet and would like them to stay together in the same kennel or cat hotel, just mention that request to the receptionist when placing your reservation and we will accommodate you and your pets.


Please call (503) 636-5681 for current boarding rates.


Please call in advance to reserve your pet’s spot. We strongly recommend making reservations early, especially during the holidays as our facility often fills up quickly.

Doggie Day Care:

LGVC is proud to offer Doggie Day Care to its K-9 patients. Due to increasingly longer work hours coupled with family responsibilities, many dog owners desire an alternative to leaving their best friend home alone for extended periods. During the day, small dogs play in our indoor play room as well as outside several times together when weather permits. The larger dogs will rotate through play groups with some boarding dogs outside and then come inside to rest alone or in “play packs.” All dogs are monitored and temperament assessments are done prior to assigning play groups. If personalities do not work in certain groups, they try another. At times, some dogs may need to spend TLC time instead of group time. TLC time is when the staff gives extra snuggles throughout the day. The older and (occasional persnickety) dogs may needt this option more often. Though play and socialization at Doggie Day Care, may result in the stimulus and activity that all animals need and deserve, it may not be a replacement for behavior modification or behavior training.

*All dogs must be current on vaccinations, be spayed/neutered if 6 months or older, have had an exam by a LGVC vet within the last 12 months, and be dog/people friendly.


Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Dog Boarding

Cat Boarding